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D.O.G are proud to say we have had three dogs from our Tuesday class, for dogs with social problems, joining our Monday advance class. Not so long ago all three of these dogs would not tolerate being in the same room with one dog, but now are happy dogs working in the same room with 15 others. We believe there's not many dog clubs in Bath that offer this service to dog owners, plus the Tuesday evening class only charges the same fee as our other classes. If you know anyone who has a problem with their dog or maybe its your dog, why not give us a call, we are registered with the Kennel Club? We are always happy to help.

D.O.G. are a friendly group of people based just outside Bath. We are just fifteen minutes away from Bath city centre in Tunley. Where we offer a warm welcome to all your family and, of course, your dog.

All our members can't wait for summer. We go for lots of dog walks together, and have an annual walk through the lovely Lavender fields in Faulkland near Bath. This is followed by coffee and cakes in their teashop. If you like to socialise why not join us?

We believe dog owners don't like to sit around to long waiting for their turn, so we have several trainers to make sure you are always busy on training evenings.


Even if you have a well-trained dog, why not give your best mate an evening out, it's more fun than watching television!

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