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Meet the Trainers

Head Trainer, Nick Barrett, has over 35 years experience in 'traditional' dog training methods. Nick's methods focused on patience, consistency and love, working on the principle that we should NEVER scold our dogs.


In 2009, Nick met Jan Fennell, the world renowned 'dog listener'. After combining Jan's methods with his own expertise, Nick now uses a holistic methodology and approach to training that ensures our pets are never forced to do something against their nature or willingness.


He has shared the knowledge gained from Jan, and his own expertise, with the other dedicated members of the team; culminating in an harmonious group of individuals, driven to helping you understand and improve the behaviour of your dog.


Other members of the team are:


  • Jane Thomas - Jane initially came into contact with D.O.G. through her fearful pup, Toby. Having seen the difference our dog training made to her pooch, Jane offered to become part of the team and has successfully passed the stringent in-house course that we have in place. She is a first class dog trainer. Jane has a great understanding of dogs with socialisation issues. She has put a smile back in the face of many owners who have found it hard to cope with their dog's problem.

  • Mandy Cole - Mandy is one of D.O.G. longest standing members. Mandy will be one of the first trainers you will see when you start. She will guide you through our training program and offer you some good tips. Mandy often does a demonstration with her dog Paddy to show how well your dog will behave if you are willing to put int he training needed. Like all D/O.G. trainers, Mandy passed our in-house training course, which is something to be proud of as not all candidates pass this test. What makes Mandy such a good dog trainer is her  lovefor dogs and her willingness to pass on her experience to others.

  • Teri Densley passed our stringent in-house dog training course in 2017. Apart from an exam, Teri had to show she could work with puppies, young dogs, advanced training and work with dogs with socialisation issues. Another part of her training included the ability to listen and give good advice to owners who need extra support on their dog training issues. She is a very talented dog trainer and we would like to thank her for joining our team.


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