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About us


DOG has over 40 years of combined and dedicated experience of training dogs in and around the Bath & North East Somerset locality. Through revolutionary, internationally recognised techniques, we teach humans how to communicate effectively with their ‘partner in crime’. Our Head Trainer, Nick, has notched up over 35 years of dog training. Over the past few years these techniques have evolved in keeping with the ethos of 'dog listening', championed by world-renowned author and trainer, Jan Fennel. Correcting bad behaviour with body language is key and we work on the principle that we NEVER scold our dogs...

Monday 5.45-7.30 – Dunkerton


We have three skilled dog trainers who will work with you on any problem you may have with your dog. We know a lot of owners may not have the finances to have a personal trainer come to their home, so we charge the same for this class as we do for our other classes. You will be offered an individual slot so we can observe your dog and give you a programme to work with. You will be asked to attend until your dog is a good citizen and happy to be in the same room as other dogs. The aim is that you become a happy and proud owner. All we ask is you work hard with the programme we give you and attend each week. There are limited spaces in the class and we ask that you ring one of the trainers to book a slot in this class. When you attend you will meet other owners who may have similar issues with their dogs, so please don't think you are on your own. We have an excellent record in helping owners with their dogs so give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Monday 7.15 - 8.00 (Puppy) and 8.15 - 9.00 (Advanced) – Tunley


We provide training from puppy to old-timer as our belief is that we can all work with animals and no dog is too old to learn new tricks. We have geared three different training sessions each week that are aimed at varying audiences:

We work with the little, and not so little bundles of joy to engage and consolidate a mutual respect and build up those all-important social skills. These form the base levels of understanding between man (or woman) and their best friend. Our Advanced Training Classes target honing these skills and challenging obedience further.


Our overall aim is to work with you, to gain a partner who is totally harmonious with everyday occurrences, is socially acceptable and above all happy in their own fur…

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